Utility Construction Division

Our utility construction division installs medium to heavy electrical equipment, including street lighting systems, airport lighting systems, power lines and power poles, conduit, electrical panels and related electric services devices and equipment.

  • Overhead Distribution

    We construct, repair and maintain transmission and distribution lines for utilities, municipalities and private enterprises.

    Carr & Duff, Inc. Services Include:
    • Line construction, rebuilds, upgrade, relocation and inspections
    • Live line maintenance
    • Grounding resistivity testing
    • Counterpoise installation
    • System reliability improvements
    • Fiber optic services
    • Emergency service restoration
    • Project and construction management
  • Substation Construction

    Our project managers and electricians are experienced in all aspects of substation design, construction, and maintenance. We have the necessary expertise to assemble, install, and maintain all substation equipment, including power transformers, circuit breakers, protective relay systems, capacitors, and load tap changers.

    We can upgrade and retrofit existing facilities, as well as install state of the art new facilities. We also have the capacity to commission clients' new substations.

    Our extensive capabilities in extending the life of electrical apparatus include power transformers, breakers, and capacitors. We can conduct protective device coordination studies to help clients review electrical systems and ensure that sophisticated and costly electrical equipment is protected. We also provide a range of maintenance and installation services for switchgear applications in industrial and commercial facilities.

    Carr & Duff, Inc. Services Include:
    • Substation construction up to 138 kV
    • Substation rebuilds and upgrades
    • Heavy hauling and rigging of components and equipment
    • Transformer retrofit and retrofill services
    • Substation testing and commissioning services
    • Relay calculations and settings
    • Programmable logic controller installation
    • Apparatus installation, maintenance and testing
    • Switchgear maintenance, replacement and testing
    • Project and construction management
    • Battery bank installation, testing, and maintenance
    • Concrete and drill pier foundations
    • Control panel fabrication, installation, and wiring
  • Metering Systems

    Carr & Duff, Inc. installs metering systems including smart meters, and advanced metering technologies.

    Intelligent metering systems are transforming the relationship between utilities and consumers. We implement metering and smart grid technologies for water and electrical utilities. Advanced metering infrastructure systems measure, collect, and analyze energy usage, and communicate with metering devices such as electricity meters, gas meters, heat meters, and water meters, either on request or on a schedule.

    Smart meters, and smart grid technology enables consumers to manage and measure power consumption. Carr & Duff, Inc. installs and provides maintenance of smart grid technologies.