Our sustainability division installs medium to heavy electrical equipment, including street lighting systems, airport lighting systems, power lines and power poles, conduit, electrical panels and related electric services devices and equipment.

  • LED Lighting

    LED lighting is more efficient and has a longer life span then the normal fluorescent bulb. Carr & Duff, Inc. will evaluate your facility and show energy and maintenance saving through LED lighting. Green is the way to go!

    Services Include:
    • Line construction, rebuilds, upgrade, relocation and inspections
    • Live line maintenance
    • Grounding resistivity testing
    • Counterpoise installation
    • System reliability improvements
    • Fiber optic services
    • Emergency service restoration
    • Rigging and heavy hauling
    • Startup testing
    • Project and construction management
  • Solar Power

    Consider solar power to reduce your energy costs and protect the environment. Carr & Duff, Inc. will evaluate your facility and show through utility savings and Federal/State incentives, Solar Power is the green way to go!